Applications of portable X-ray fluorescence analysis (P-XRF) for contaminated art, natural and cultural artifacts (KEP workshop)

The portable X-ray fluorescence analysis method (P-XRF) can be used for a wide range of tasks to determine the elemental composition of a material - for example, qualitative pollutant analysis in museums and collections. It is quick, cost-effective and easy to use. It must, however, be used properly, in terms of health and safety as well the accuracy of the results. Another important dimension is correctly understanding and interpreting the results.
Dr. Boaz Paz will present the basics of the portable XRF measurement device, including how to operate and calibrate the machine to obtain valid results. He will conduct sample measurements on different kind of materials and demonstrate how to interpret the spectra.
The focus of the course will be measuring biocide contamination.

28th - 29th of May 2018

Museum of Southern Jutland, Conservation, Fabriksvej 17-21, DK-6510 Gram


Registration deadline
Friday 20th of April 2018

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